Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Okay, so this is my first time doing anything like this, so bear with me.
Pictured at right are my husband Thomas and I playing around with a webcam. As you can tell, we had never seen one of these things before, and therefore, instantly turned into idiots when exposed to this new technology. That being said, this actually is what we look like most of the time. God help our one-day children, eh?
I'm a "renaissance" chick as it were. My degree is in music (vocal performance) but I also act, danced for a long time, play piano, write, am learning to paint, make jewelry ( ), love animals of all shapes and sizes, speak fluent Spanglish (my mama's from Argentina) and am fast approaching the ability to keep at least one portion of our house clean at any given time. ( It usually only a 1 foot square patch on the floor, but I'm working on making it two foot...)
Thomas has a degree in illustration and is also something of a "renaissance" man. He's into painting (watercolor and acrylic mostly) is a professional tattoo artist, also loves animals to a fault, tinkers with technology way too much (he's banned from messing with my computer, now)
also loves making jewelry and random trinkets, and reads more each week than the average human being would be able to read in a lifetime.
We're both known for being very thin and lanky with arms that are always too long for our sleeves, so our close friends have dubbed us "The Spidermonkeys." Now you know where the name comes from...
We have 6 adopted cats, (Spooky, Chyna, Ophelia, Puck, Cosmo, and Trouble) and one peach faced lutino lovebird named Sunny (short for Tequila Sunrise). I also have a wonderful yellow naped Amazon parrot named Charlie who lives with my daddy and his lady, and several wonderful "godsons/daughters" of the animalian variety.

That's it for the intro. I'm going to go tend to the clean part of the floor some more, now.